Russia's Brand New Tank Just Broke Down In The Middle Of Moscow

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The T-14 Main Battle Tank is supposed to be a semi-robotic weapon of the future, a serious threat to any of Russia’s enemies who face it. Unfortunately for the Russian military, one just broke down in the middle of Moscow while rehearsing for an upcoming Victory Day parade. And the video is just sad.

It looks like something might have locked up, as the engineering vehicle used to tow it was stuck spinning its treads for a while before someone could figure out the issue. And while all of you in the comments may laugh about some crappy and all-too-easy joke about “Russian engineering,” this is probably the main reason why you don’t see American prototypes running down city streets for a parade.

If, you know, we had them. Which we don’t.

All I’m saying is, prototypes of all stripes might have a few kinks to work out. Even when the prototype involved is a supposed “super-tank.”


H/t to Mark Urban!

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Someone is going to be Putin in some overtime this week.