Slo-Mo Video Of The Missiles We Use To Blow Up ISIS

When we go out and blow some insurgent/terrorist/threat to freedom bastard to kingdom come, here's exactly what that kind of missile-on-truck explosion looks like, in slo-mo.

Here's the full video from MBDA, detailing how their Brimstone missiles target with dual mode Semi-Active Laser and Active mmW radar seekers. That Tacoma didn't stand a chance, it seems.

The Brimstone, for those of you keeping track of how America explodes other people, is a full redesign of the Hellfire. By full redesign, I mean it looks like a Hellfire, it was meant to replace the Hellfire, but has nothing else to do with the Hellfire.


The Brimstone is semi-autonomous, and especially capable with tracking down moving targets. That's what this video is trying to show off.

If you can watch the full video without feeling a sick feeling in your stomach at the incredible precision of this missile-loaded MQ-9 Reaper drone, well, you are a hardier person than I.

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Funny thing is that this Tacoma was probably fine after that.