Snowden On Russia Backing DNC Hack: I Wanna See The Receipts

The Snowdenhead addresses throngs of spied-upon humans, just like us all, in Denmark last month. AP
The Snowdenhead addresses throngs of spied-upon humans, just like us all, in Denmark last month. AP

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests Russia was behind the Democratic National Committee hack, and that least some of the emails may have been manipulated part of a military campaign of misinformation. But all that evidence comes from private security contractors. Edward Snowden thinks that if the Russians hacked the Dems, the NSA would know. And he has a strong platform to stand on: “I’ve done this personally.”


As Motherboard pointed out yesterday, there are a number of little leaks and drops that point to Russia (even some hastily-deleted Cyrillic error messages), but the meatiest evidence Motherboard cited all came from private security companies, companies that the DNC itself contracted for information.

Edward Snowden thinks there’s better information out there, as The Intercept pointed out with a string of Snowden tweets. Ed began:


“I’ve done this personally” is just great way to back up any claim about international espionage.

Snowden’s main point is solid: the U.S. government has chimed in on major hacks like this before, the U.S. government has checked in on foreign hacking efforts before, and the U.S. government is hesitant to show its cards when dealing with spy efforts this serious. It all points to the main point that if there’s anything to be known about Russia and the DNC hack, the NSA knows it, and they could tell us and they should.


Indeed, if there’s good information out there that pins down Russia as acting against the incumbent American political party, it’d be appreciated if the NSA would let us all know.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.


I find it amusing that people are trying to hide behind “But it was Russia!” Let’s look at this...

- The DNC themselves aren’t denying the validity of the leak. In fact, the chair is on her way out as a result of it. If it were disinformation, they could have argued that point. They haven’t. So it’s true information, however obtained.

- The information being true, then, it seems the main complaint is with the people who brought it to light. Whoever it was, even if it was Russia, there would be no damage to the DNC if they’d have just not tried to tamper with delegate counts and primary elections. Ultimately, the fault for the revelation isn’t with Russia, but with the people who did the foul things.

- It was Hillary with all the “reset button” talk about our relationship with Russia. Now, a point can be made that Trump’s talk about NATO plays into Russia’s hands so they might prefer him in office, but let’s not pretend Hillary is all that staunch a foe of Putin’s plans.

- One thing this DOES work into is the concern regarding their security. Seeing as how their candidate’s most recent scandal had to do with “extreme carelessness” regarding classified information, this ought to serve as a further concern. If they got into the DNC’s private communications, can we really expect they DIDN’T get into Hillary’s server? Seems to me Russia might prefer that kind of carelessness in office.

- I know Gawker is in love with the DNC, and up until recently that has generally not been overflowing here onto Foxtrot Alpha. I’m beginning to think that’s changed if FA is running articles trying to sweep things under the rug on such flimsy justifications.