A group of hackers claiming to be affiliated with the Islamic State group just hacked into the US military's Central Command's Twitter page, and so far it's not looking good. In addition to the twitter takeover, the hackers are also posting names, addresses, and crappy videos to CENTCOM's Youtube page.

It's not clear just yet as to how much information the hackers actually had access to, but they posted what appear to be basic Powerpoint slides on North Korea and China, as well as lists 0f retired generals and their contact information before the CENTCOM account was suspended by Twitter:

It's possible that all these documents are actually publicly and freely available, which seems likely as lists of Chinese airports and North Korean highways aren't exactly secretly information:


For one thing, anyone can see North Korea's highways on Google Maps. And for another, a lot of this information has been publicly available from the Pentagon itself going back years.

We're not exactly sure the extent of the hack just yet, as the US military has thousands of networks which could have been accessed, and it's highly likely that none of them were accessed at all. For what it's worth, the hackers are claiming in a Pastebin statement that the data came from "mobile devices." At this point, the Pentagon is only acknowledging that something happened, but not how much has happened:


But in the meantime, we are left with exceedingly terrible ISIS videos like this one, which is bad enough to give you Battlefield Earth-style motion sickness: