South Korea's 'Iron Wave' Of Heavy Armor Is Intimidating As Hell

The Republic of Korea Army is on a constant wartime footing. Its inventory of heavy armor is substantial, with 2,500 tanks and nearly as many tracked fighting vehicles, many of which are of indigenous design. The dramatic footage below shows the 20th Mechanized Infantry Division with hundreds of pieces of armor readying for action during war game dubbed aptly “Iron Wave.”

Here is another view of this dramatic exercise, which also includes helicopter support.

South Korea’s armed forces are no strangers to elaborate training exercises and displays of military might. The propaganda war has never ceased between the North and the South, and publicizing capabilities remains a useful tactic of deterrence.

Here is the North’s coverage of a large-scale water crossing exercise. By comparison, both in production and capability shown it is pretty lousy, but remember, quantity has a quality all its own and the North has one big, albeit blunt, army.

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In the immortal words of the warthog.... BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRTTTT.

Perfect formation of tanks for the A-10.