Stealth B-21 Raider To Make Do With Budget Of Only $1.338 Billion Instead Of $1.358 Billion

Surely, the massive futuristic bomber program will not be able to survive under such meager conditions.


A staggering mountain of cash, $20 million dollars to be exact, was violently excised from the B-21 Raider development program, Defense One News reported:

Although the service requested $1.358 billion to fund research and development activities related to the B-21 Raider, the omnibus funding bill would only fund $1.338 billion. Budget documents attribute that cut to “forward financing.” 

The cuts, which we’re praying will be rolled back by the Trump administration, represent an unconscionable 1.4 percent of the program’s total cost.

But right now the B-21 Raider needs every dollar it can get, as no one in the public has even seen the damn thing yet. Will no one think of the bombers?


America is now weak.

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