Supreme Commander Of Swedish Forces On Mystery Sub: 'It's Fucked Up'

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When we first heard the Sweden was hunting for a phantom submarine that may or may not be stranded in its coastal waters, we knew it was something. Weird? No. Confusing? Possibly, but not quite there. But thanks to the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Forces, we have new terminology for it: "Fucked up."

Sverker Göransson, General of the Swedish Army, Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, and Man With Coolest Name/Title Combo In The World, was addressing the ongoing search for the mystery sub, when he expressed his personal feelings on the whole issue, via 4/Nyheterna:

In case your Swedish is a bit rusty, here's a translation from readers Thierry and Henrik:

"This is very serious, I would go so far as... well, I won't use Scanian [southern dialect of Swedish]. But I will say that but it's purely and simply fucked up that something or someone has entered this way into Swedish territory."


Emphasis mine, of course, but General Göransson has a point. Both the US and Soviets were known to play head games with the Swedish military back in the 1980s, and with the icy frost of the Cold War nipping at contemporary heels, the thought that the tactic could be coming back is definitely a bit gauche.

There's no word yet on whether or not the Swedes have found anything, but they have been preparing explosives just in case. We'll find out soon if they decide to use them.

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When asked for his thoughts on the matter, Swedish Grand Admiral Sven Karlstadt Billybookcase added: "I agree. This is some bullshit right here."