Take A 360° Flight In A P-51 Mustang With An F-22 As Your Wingman

This awesome 360° video, shot from inside the Heritage Flight Museum’s P-51D Mustang “Val-Halla” being flown by Greg Anders, shows what flying a Heritage Flight alongside an F-22 looks like. The icons of American air power old and new were flying together last week for the Abbotsford International Air Show in Canada.


*Must be viewed youtube in Google Chrome Browser

Three-hundred sixty degree video capability is slowly revolutionizing aerial videography, allowing the viewer to look in any direction, making everyone’s “flight” at little different. We recently saw this technology embraced by the Patrouille Suisse during a flight over the Alps, and now we are seeing it in American warbirds aircraft. It will be very exciting to see where this tech goes, especially with new consumer grade virtual reality goggles hitting the market this Christmas.


This awesome footage is courtesy of our good Lyle Jansma of AeroCapture Images and the awesome Cockpit 360 app.

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Biggus Dickus (RevsBro)

Mmmmmm. Sexy F-22.

Is the raptor really that comparable in size to a P-51D or is it just the camera fooling with me?