The Australian Navy Is Way More Badass Than You Realize

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Living here in the U.S., if we hear about a navy it tends to be the U.S. Navy. Big aircraft carrier this, screaming fighter jet that. And there are plenty of documentaries about those. But smaller navies, like the Australian Navy? They’re more fascinating than you may realize. Gimme all that, and the frigate HMAS Toowoomba.

This doc was made for the National Geographic Channel, and it’s a good look into life aboard the Toowoomba as it set out for a deployment to the Middle East on an anti-piracy mission. It’s a lot like that doc awhile back about the HMDS Absalon, a Danish ship on a similar assignment.


But this one is more ‘Roo.

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HMAS Toowoomba

I can only assume that they get knocked down, but they get up again, you’re never gonna keep them down.