Contrary to popular belief, not all military training is devised to make you uncomfortable and miserable at the same time. Much of it is designed to make you uncomfortable, but still show you that you can keep your spirits up. Even if that involves making you sing Sexual Healing in a pool of frozen lake water.


But hey, at least the Royal Marines get to toast the Queen and do what looks like a triple shot of rum at the end.

You might be wondering at this point what the hell I'm on about, but if you watch the video above you'll see that it all actually makes sense. During real winter warfare, there's a strong chance someone might fall through a thin patch of ice in a frozen lake. If that happens, militaries want their troops to be able to carry on with the mission.


And the first step of that is reminding them that no, it's not the end of the world, yes, you will survive, and yes, you can be in control of the situation. So after getting the initial dunk with their skis and packs on, instructors have the Marines recite their name, rank, and serial number. And just to help them keep in mind that everything's okay, they might have them sing a little song, too. Like Marvin Gaye's beloved 1982 hit, Sexual Healing.

Compare the one above to the original below:

Not bad, huh? Well, not bad for someone whose got their junk sitting in a pool of ice water.

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