The Flight Deck Of An Aircraft Carrier Is Loud As Hell

Most people have seen videos of carrier flight deck operations before, but usually they’re overlaid with sounds of OONTZ OONTZ and DOOT DOOT and some other heavy metal and/or electronic dance music garbage. That’s because in real life, a carrier flight deck is louder than pretty much anything else.

And your laptop speakers definitely can’t simulate anything close to what this is really like. For that, I suggest dropping $10,000 on a new audio system right now, and then cranking it all the way up until your ears pop off from the blood gushing out of them.

There’s a reason why every human being in this video is wearing ear protectors.

As the United States Navy keeps launching plenty of planes to fight over Iraq and Syria right now (yes, that’s still going on), the USS Carl Vinson is launching what appears to be a small naval air force of its own, damn near all at once. The Vinson’s been doing this for a while now, as we’ve seen from its operations in the dark, but from this video you get a true sense of the sheer noise of it all.


In all seriousness, a General Electric F404 engine out of an F/A-18C Hornet can generate over 130 decibels worth of noise, which can cause immediate and permanent hearing damage.

So if you are planning on hopping board one of these soon, wear your earmuffs.

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yes - the hornet is loud

on the boat, you can tell the difference between the aircraft - and the hornet was definitely one of the louder ones

but the EA-6B — that was the loudest...