The Navy SEAL That Killed Bin Laden Is Supposedly ISIS's Number One Target

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Robert O’Neill, the self-proclaimed man who killed Osama Bin Laden, has been labeled by ISIS as their number one target in a recent online postings. Not only did a British ISIS agent give instructions on how to kill the ex-Navy SEAL, but also where to find him. This information is said to have been shared many times since originally appearing online.


The story originally appeared in the Daily Mirror, who monitors chat rooms associated with the Islamic State and other extremist groups. Along with the threat against O’Neills life was a story by a popular online news outlet that quoted the SEAL’s father saying he is not afraid of ISIS.

O’Neill has been a controversial figure since he participated in a hugely publicized Fox News special The Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden. In the tell-all special, he went into detail about his upbringing, his time in the SEALs, and his very intimate involvement with the outcome of the SEALs’ May 2nd raid on Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound. As such, the Pentagon has investigated him for potentially releasing classified information.


At the same time, O’Neill has become a regular on Fox News and has toured the country performing seminars about his time in the SEALs and his involvement in the historic mission.

Matt Bissonnette, another SEAL who was a part of the Bin Laden raid and likely entered the terror mastermind’s room with O’Neill, also disclosed much of his experience surrounding his time on SEAL Team Six and his involvement in the raid. Although, at first Bissonnette appeared in disguise on 60 Minutes and published the book named No Easy Day under the pen name Mark Owen, his true identity was quickly uncovered.

Both of the ex-SEALs’ choices to profit and take the spotlight for the historic killing has enraged many within the tight-knit SEAL community - a community which prides itself on quiet sacrifice and secrecy.


Considering O’Neills chilly relationship with the military and the fact that he is a private citizen, the Pentagon really would not have a reason to protect him, even under a direct threat like he is today, although other federal agencies might be inclined to do so.

As for any response from Robert O’Neill about the threats placed on him, he has simply posted this tweet promoting his appearance on Sean Hannity tonight:


You can read The Mirror’s entire piece here for more information:


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Y’know, I respected this man a great deal until I read ‘a regular on Fox News’.