These Are The Aerial Weapons Being Used Against ISIS In Syria And Iraq

Operation Inherent Resolve is the U.S.-led air campaign against ISIS and other terror groups in Iraq and Syria. It’s a campaign that includes numerous aerial weapons to strike the enemy from above.

The U.S. has been striking Islamic State targets 16 months now, and the air power coalition that started out strong, including Arab partners, has struggled to keep its partners engaged in the fight. Although following the Paris attacks, reinvigorated European interest in fighting the Islamic State in Syria has seen France increase its participation.

Still, air power alone has its limits, and fighting a long stalemate-like conflict is both expensive and politically taxing, especially for smaller coalition participants.


Nonetheless, there is a dizzying array of aerial firepower striking ISIS from above, and the metrics associated with this arsenal are staggering. Our latest video showcases the weapons put to use against these fighters.

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Patrick George

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