Intense Videos From Centar 2015, Russia's Largest Military Exercise

An exercise dubbed “Centar 2015” is said to be Russia’s largest set of war games of the year, with tens of thousands of soldiers, thousands of vehicles, and hundreds of aircraft participating from multiple locations within Russia’s vast central territory.


The videos below certainly don’t disprove that statement, with the sky full of helicopters, fighters and bombers, and the ground teeming with all types of tactical vehicles and soldiers firing away.

These massive drills are meant to put Russia’s military personnel and equipment in unfamiliar areas, and will stress the country’s territorial defense plans and mobilization capabilities. They will also be used to test new equipment. During the exercise, battlefield commanders are given tasks to accomplish on the fly and have to act fast using the forces available in a creative manner.

According to Russia’s Colonel General Vladimir Zarudnitsky in a report from RT, “Center 2015 will be the climax of the Cereal Military District troops training that started this year.” The statement from Russia’s Defense Ministry also read:

“The exercises will be held in the summer training period simultaneously in different areas within Russian Federation and abroad... They will be extended in time and will unite tens of thousands soldiers and military personnel of the Central Military district, divisions and units of armed forces and other national security and defense agencies under a single command.”

These exercises come as Russia is entering a new phase of its increasingly expeditionary foreign policy in Syria, much to the Chagrin of the United States. And they also work as a reminder of just how powerful Russia’s slowly modernizing, once “hammer and anvil” military is.


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Source: RT


5 guys in a Kawasaki Mule is some scary shit.