This 360 Cockpit Video Of The Blue Angels Is Absolutely Exhilarating

We have seen a ton of Blue Angels videos, some of them very intense, but now you can fly right along with them in the cockpit, looking where you want, when you want at whatever you want.


This video is shot from Blue Angle #2, which flies in the “slot” position, using 360 camera technology, which we have seen used before by Switzerland’s aerial demonstration squadron. Still nothing compares to the action and tight formation flying of the Blue Angels. Hopefully we see more of these videos from different perspectives from the team in the future, and one where more of the cockpit controls are shown would be especially interesting.

Not only are these 360 videos awesome to watch, but I would imagine they may offer the team, which strives for perfection, a valuable new debriefing tool. In fact, this would be a great technology to apply to any flight training experience. Not only can you go back and relive the flight, but you can even see visual cues that you may have missed when it was being filmed. Even these on cop cars and private vehicles as a replacement for the tight field of view dash-cam may be in the not too distant future.

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