This Absurdly Detailed WWII Reenactment With Miniature Radio-Controlled Vehicles Is Awesome

We all know of war reenactments, and the passion that the people who participate in them have for the hobby. Well, the radio-controlled vehicle community is probably equally as passionate. Smash these two things together and you get the crazy video below.

The event shown—which includes pyrotechnics, sound effects and even a Sherman Tank with a flame thrower in one case—is held in Prague, but is not the only one of its kind. Far from it, actually. Other WWII 1:6 scale radio-controlled battle reenactments have also included remote-controlled aircraft overhead the scene, as seen in this video.

The amount of detail that goes into these vehicles is just mesmerizing. They are very much a down-scaled version of the real thing. So, next time you hear the term “small wars,” it may have an entirely different meaning to you.


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