This recruitment music video for the Afghan National Army may sound far cooler than the translation suggests, but for a country that had previously lived under Taliban rule and remains mired in a never ending insurgency, you canā€™t be too hard on them.

Some 15 years into the war in Afghanistan and the countryā€™s regular forces are slowly improving but still remain highly inconsistent in quality. This has resulted in some serious strategic losses on the battlefield. The question of accidental civilian deaths at the hands of their own army also remains an issue.

Aside from whether or not the force will be able to hold the Taliban at bay, there are some glimmering hopes culturally within the force. More female officers are being allowed to in, and there some signs that the Army is adapting and improving on the battlefield. Still, low morale and recruitment numbers plague the force, and this may be the reason we are seeing videos like the one above emerge.

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