This B-2 Stealth Bomber Looks Like It Could Lead An Alien Invasion

Master aviation photographer Rich Cooper shot this dramatic image of the world’s most deadly aircraft, the Northrop B-2A Spirit, as it arrived at RAF Fairford on June 8th. The scene as snapped through Rich’s lens looks just as much like an arrival of an alien race as it does the end of a bomber training sortie.


Since the first two B-2s arrived, other quick turn missions have occurred. Although we don’t know exactly how long the B-2s will continue their rotations through England, we can be fairly certain that there won’t be other shots like these taken of them as they come and go from RAF Fairford.

They certainly have that “this is the coolest thing and the last thing you will ever see” feel to them don’t they?


Make sure to check out Rich’s awesome work at his Facebook page and also click on his new endevour, the Center For Aviation Photography, which is pure porn for all of us who love aircraft and cameras.


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