This Drone Footage Of Suburban Syria Looks Like A Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape

The Syrian civil war has been raging for half a decade now, and the scars show more than ever. The drone footage below show parts of suburban Syria totally destroyed for as far as the eye can see. It is amazing to think that humans live in this horrific battle zone, but they do.

The video was shot in parts of Jobar, once a highly populated neighborhood in outskirts of Syria’s Capital, Damascus. It has since been the center of intense fighting between Assad’s forces and rebel groups.


According RT, the area is also home to some pretty spectacular historical sites:

“Before the conflict in Syria erupted in 2011, the neighborhood was home to some 300,000 residents, most of whom were Sunni Muslims. The suburb contained a number of ancient landmarks, most notably the Green Synagogue, the oldest Jewish synagogue in the world. It also contained the Grand Jobar Mosque in addition to the tomb of the Prophet Elijah. Jobar also housed ancient baths that were built during Ottoman times.”

Now the area is a wasteland where houses and shops are occupied by opposing factions that may differ from block-to-block and where misguided weapons can fall from the sky at any moment. Tunnels run through the area as well, making the fighting totally unpredictable and extremely deadly.

At a certain point, you have to wonder what they are really fighting for, as destruction like this will take a generation or more to rebuild.

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S. Rodriguez

Why exactly should the rest of the world care what these people in this part of the world do to themselves? Oh yeah, that’s right, because they have oil.

The United States and Europe NEED to CAREFULLY rethink the idea of taking in refugees from this part of the world. Look at what they do to themselves; to their fellow citizens; to their own flesh and blood.... The West thinks it’s a good idea to bring these people to their countries??? Huh?

I know there is a Christian population in the Middle East that is being slaughtered.... Aside from them, the only, and I mean the ONLY difference between a refugee and an insurgent is that the refugee is on the losing side of whatever battle is being fought on any given day.

The West needs to wake the F up and stop importing these people into their nations!