This Dude's Functioning Steampunk Gatling Gun Is Pretty Outrageous

Some people are super serious about the whole steampunk thing, making their own elaborate costumes and props that rival anything your would see in a Hollywood production. But one guy built himself a functioning, real-deal, steampunk gatling gun a couple of years back, and the video can still put other fanatics to shame.


This improvised gatling gun is built around the guts of the tried and true Ruger 10-22, this thing whips out .22 Long Rifle rounds at the spin of a crank. Make no mistake—the .22LR cartridge may be small, but it can be very deadly (especially when a swarm of them pepper a target at once). All it takes is a hit in a highly critical area to bring down even medium-sized game or humans. It would be interesting to see this thing operate flat out with a drum magazine attached.

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