This Is The First Photo Of The Suspected Brussels Airport Bombers

Belgium Federal Prosecutor

Images of the men whom law enforcement officials suspect are the Brussels airport bombers was just released, and if you look closely there are some peculiar elements. Most notably, the two men on the left are dressed identically and each of them is only wearing one black glove.

According to news reports, is believed that both men dressed in black acted as suicide bombers and were killed in the blast. The gloves they are wearing likely contained the detonator for the bombs. The man on the right is thought to be alive. The fact that he is shown without a similar glove supports this idea. He could have worked as a coordinating agent and escort for the bombers, making sure they make it to their final destination. This is a fairly common tactic used in the war zones of the Middle East.

Also, it has been confirmed that three bombs were brought into the terminal, though only two detonated, according to the Telegraph. The third unexploded device was first reported as a suicide belt, but it was likely a suitcase-borne device. The fact that three of what look like the exact same bags are shown in the image above supports this new information, and by process of elimination, the bag pushed by the man in white, which probably used a different detonation mechanism, would be the one that did not detonate.

Meanwhile, Belgian commandos have been executing raids across the country, with at least one terrorist nest being discovered, Britain’s SKY News reported. The apartment was replete with ISIS flags and paraphernalia, dangerous chemicals and a shrapnel bomb ringed with nails. It is not clear if this apartment has a direct connection with the men pictured in the photo above.

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