This Is The Littoral Combat Ship USS Milwaukee Running Flat Out At Full Throttle

The Navy’s monster jet boats are certainly controversial but one thing is about them is unquestionable: they are pretty damn quick with a sprint speed in excess of 45 knots. The video below gives you an idea of what the Freedom Class LCS looks like executing such a high-speed run.


The USS Milwaukee gets its power from a pair of Rolls Royce MT30 gas turbines engines which share 80 percent commonality with the Trent 800 series high-bypass turbofan jet engines found on many Boeing 777s. Each MT30 is rated roughly at a whopping 48,280 hp. These are tied to a quartet of Rolls Royce water-jets that can propel the LCS at high speeds even in shallow waters.

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What’s the deal with water coming through this hole?