We've seen Hornets, Eagles, Pavehawks and even Mirage F1s fly low and fast through all kinds of terrain, but now behold the ultra-nimble F-5N Tiger II tearing through the Cascade Mountain Range. Naval Aviator Kearbey Robinson of VFC-13 is your tour guide today and a huge thanks to him for posting this on Facebook for all to see!

The video was taken during a low-level sortie on the Northwest's breathtaking VR-1355 low-level route.The wide angle view is fantastic because you can see the pilot's workload and control inputs as he coaxes the jet along its way. This perspective also shows us how docile the F-5 really is, especially when it comes to its rapid roll rate, as just a little nudge of the stick sends the jet into the knife-edge. Additionally, the pilot barely has to trim the jet, which is pretty amazing considering how dynamic the flying is during this video.

Next on the list Mr. Robinson is the same wide angle view of you beating up on some nugget Hornet crews during Air Wing workups down at your home base, NAS Fallon Nevada. Seriously, come on, let's see some merges man...


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