This Is What It's Like To Get Intercepted By A Eurofighter Typhoon

We've already seen what it's like for a NATO jet to get intercepted by a Russian fighter, but Russian planes get intercepted by NATO just the same. Especially when you're in a looming Tu-95 Bear strategic bomber, and those intercepting planes are Royal Air Force Typhoons and French Mirages.


Over the enormously loud drone of the engines and through the forest of contra-rotating propellers, you can easily see the Typhoons flashing their payload of deadly air-to-air missiles, just as the Russian Su-27 had done.


It's unclear just when this video was exactly shot, though it's not like Russia hasn't had a bunch of chances to take it. NATO jets intercepted Russian bombers (sometimes possibly carrying nukes) in Europe just yesterday, bombers threaded the English Channel in January, and back in October the Russian Air Force threw everything but the kitchen sink at European interceptors.

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