This Pilot Will Make Your Hand-Eye Coordination Look Shameful

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The Bell 206 Jet Ranger, also known as the OH-58 and TH-67 in the military, is one of the most popular helicopter designs of all time, with over 7,000 units delivered. Jet Rangers are known for their good handling qualities, economy and reliability, but this pilot shows us just how capable these choppers are in the right hands.

The maneuver would have been pretty cool by itself, but the fact that it was executed while the chopper was configured with a long-line and a rigid bucket just makes you wonder what other Jedi-like seat of the pants flying abilities this pilot has. Considering there is a guy standing there waiting to receive and load the bucket brings an element of danger to the whole moment as well. A bucket acts like a pendulum below a hard maneuvering chopper so a pilot really have to understand where it is at and where it is going at all times for safety's sake.

So here's to you bad-ass Jet Ranger bucket hauling pilot! Your incredible chopper handling skills reminds the vast majority of us just how clumsy we really are...


UPDATE: Autolegend86 posted this little gem in the comments section, equally if not more impressive and also shot in Oregon, although here they are Christmas Tree farming. Maybe the same pilot?

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And just like that, I not only want to one day fly winged aircraft, I also want to fly helicopters.