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This crazy image, showing one of two USMC CH-53E Super Stallions being unloaded from the cavernous cargo hold of a USAF C-5 Galaxy gives you an idea of the huge proportions of both of the aircraft involved. Taken at RAAF Darwin, the C-5's arrival marks the first part of a new USMC rotational deployment to Darwin, Australia.


Marine Rotational Forces Darwin, each lasting six months, are part of America's slow pivot towards the Pacific, and is a sign of increasing US presence in Australia . During the Marines rotation to northern Australia they will take part in large exercises, such as Talisman's Saber and Koolendong. Beyond having an increased presence in the Pacific Theater, the Marines stationed in Darwin also allows for long-term cooperative training with Australian forces, which are often part of allied missions in crisis zones around the US, including the Middle East.


Photo credit: RAAF Facebook page

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