This Super Hornet Squadron's New Cruise Video Is The Best One Yet

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One of the Navy's top Super Hornet squadrons, VFA-27 "Royal Maces," have accomplished an incredible feat: Creating a cruise video that is better than their last, which was just about the best thing we have ever seen up until now. Jerry Bruckheimer eat your heart out because "That's a Shack!" has set a whole new standard for squadron montage reels.

Highlights are the night strafing run from the cockpit POV, the AGM-154 JSOW delivery tracked by the F/A-18E's ATFLIR pod, and the opening with the Hornet's shadow on the sea, which is just surreal. And this is supposed to be just the teaser? Bravo guys and keep them coming!


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That ending shot of the F-18 going to full after burner then pulling away gave me a freedom boner