This USAF Thunderbirds interpretation of The Night Before Christmas popped up last night on my Facebook news feed and I thought it was just fantastic. Well done guys and thank you to all USAF personnel, and all of our warriors for that matter, working and fighting around the globe on this special day.


Oh, and to the guys and gals stuck in alert barns scattered across the US ready to launch jets at a moments notice, you are not forgotten either! Thank you for standing watch on Christmas Day away from your families so that we can be safe with ours!

'Twas the night before Christmas; no snow could be seen

Not an Airman was working, not even on "swings."

The Falcons were stored in the hangar with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The Thunderbirds were nestled in their humble abodes,

with visions of performing while out on the road.

Boss Moseley prepared for his family's transition,

as LtCol Hammond embraced the team's mission.

When out on the flight line, there arose such a clatter,

Thunderbird 9 drove in to see what was the matter.

He quickly phoned Boss, his eyes full of awe,

"Hey Boss!" he shouted, "You'll never guess what I saw!"

Boss drove to the hangar, with no time to lose.

Then, he told Thunderbird 10 the good news.

"WICKED AWESOME," said 10. We MUST tell the others!

Let's share with our Thunderbirds sisters and brothers!"

With a mandatory recall, so lively and quick,

Thunderbirds came to work, speculating, "this is IT!"

The squadron was formed, then, without rhyme or reason

Boss said: "It's the 2015 schedule! Prepare for SHOW SEASON!"

"There's Waco! There's Millville, just to name a few.

At the Super Bowl, there will be so much to do!"

T-Bird 2 interrupted, "'Tell me, Boss, Is it TRUE?"

"Don't worry," Boss replied. "The Academy's here, too!

Come, Right Wing! Come, Slot! Form the Diamond; look alive!

Have 6 warn Mankato about Thunderbird ǝʌᴉɟ!

8, advance recon! Take your jet to the heavens!

Then come share your findings with Thunderbird 7."

"Let's polish the tails, keep the canopies clean.

America's waiting for our F-16's!

11, I know that this is a no-brainer,

but to ensure we fly safely, assemble the maintainers."

"The press release is ready, Boss," I said. "But, I'm confused.

To what source do I attribute this WONDERFUL news?

Did the General say 2015 shows could commence?

Was it the President? Congress? Secretary of Defense?"

"You might be right, 12," Boss whispered, then paused.

"But, ya know what I think? It was Santa Claus."

As the Delta took flight, the Comms Airmen listened,

Then suddenly they heard a strange voice transmission.

Thunderbird 1 ordered: "Identify yourself!"

The voice said, "It's just an Airman with a small crew of elves."

"Good flight, Nick?" Boss asked. The voice replied, "and how!

Merry Christmas, Thunderbirds … Smoke on. Ready, NOW!"


Happy Holidays from your

United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron! TB12


Tyler Rogoway is a defense journalist and photographer who maintains the website Foxtrot Alpha for You can reach Tyler with story ideas or direct comments regarding this or any other defense topic via the email address

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