This Year's Hornet Ball Video Is Absolutely F/A-18 Hornet Heaven

The annual West Coast Hornet Ball video features a compilation of the most shit-hot video clips of Hornets in action from across the fleet, and in the day and age of GoPros and HD lipstick cams it does not disappoint. We have seen some great videos come out of US combat aviation units this year, but this baby may take the grand prize.

Make sure to watch 2013's Hornet Ball video as well, it is almost as jaw dropping. Great job to 'Wingnut' for putting these masterpieces together. Keep 'em coming dude.

Thanks to "Bucket" for sending this my way.

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Missing the Fighter Flings of years past.

It just occurred to me that with a resurgent Russia, aren't US CVBGs lacking in a true interceptor now?

It's sad watching a Super Hornet trying to go fast, you can see all the condensation forming off the under wing pylons from all the drag its producing.