This Video Puts You In The Cockpit Of An F-16 Rocketing Over Alaska

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The 35th Fighter Squadron, based in Kunsan Airbase in South Korea, participated in two Alaskan exercises this year, and they happened to take their GoPro cameras with them. The result of which is some gorgeous and exciting footage.

The video is a showcase of many of the missions the modern F-16 is tasked with, including air-to-air combat, low-level interdiction, close air support, deep strike, strafing and a little aerial refueling mixed in. Red Flag Alaska is a large-scale multi-national mock air war, but Exercise Distant Frontier in particular is an intense live-fire event where a squadron will drop their entire yearly allotment of live weaponry in a matter of days over Alaska’s vast air combat ranges. These weapons include laser guided bombs and AGM-65 “Maverick” missiles.


Regardless of the bombing and aerial jousting shown in the video, seeing the F-16 in action against the incredibly majestic and dramatic Alaskan wilderness backdrop is just stunning.

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I wonder if it’s too late for me to even attempt to become a pilot? Anyone got any real info about what’s required?