This Video Shows Cluster Bombs Detonating In The Dense Syrian City Of Aleppo

Russian bombing of battle scarred Syrian city of Aleppo has hit an all time high as Assad regime forces make big gains on the ground. Now even cluster bombs, meant to attack large formations of troops in the open, are being dropped on the sprawling metropolis that two million Syrians once called home.

The international community has wised up to Russia’s dumb bombing campaign in Syria and the toll it has taken on civilians. Yet Russia says it knows of not one civilian killed by its archaic bombing tactics. They must have magic vodka that they pour on their munitions so that they only kill “terrorists”—as in anyone who apposes the Assad regime, during their hourly dumb bombing, carpet bombing and cluster bomb slinging operations.


As far as what weapon was used during the pictured attack, it remains unclear, but it looks as if it is just a standard high-capacity cluster bomb, probably of the 500kg to 750kg variety, such as the RBK-500/750. Russia was also seen testing its own version of the Sensor Fused Weapon months ago, but its effects are far more focused, and used primarily for attacking vehicles in the field than the indiscriminate area bombardment that is seen in the video above. This weapon is called the RBK-500 SPBE-D and you can see it in action below.

Within the last 24 hours a Doctors Without Borders hospital was hit by an air strike, killing six that were working and being treated there. This is one of a series of airstrikes on hospitals and aid facilities in recent days, with two happening last week, and four others happening today. Clearly these facilities have found themselves on someone’s targeting list.

Meanwhile Russia and Syria have blamed the U.S for all of these attacks., claiming last week that American A-10s crossed into Aleppo from Turkey to carry out attacks on hospitals. The U.S. flatly denies they or any coalition aircraft had anything to do with the airstrikes and were nowhere near the area where the attacks occurred.


This makes sense as northeast Syria is a place where coalition aircraft seldom roam these days, not to mention the U.S. only hurts its cause by attacking these facilities yet alone the moral issues surrounding such miserable tactics.


As for that supposed ceasefire coming in days, nobody seems to have put much faith in it. Both Syrian rebels and Russian forces have hinted that they will fight through it. Maybe the best barometer as to the chances that a ceasefire will actual be adhered to are the aid workers doing their jobs in the Syrian war zone, and their outlook remains very bleak.

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I dont get it.. If footage was shown on U.S. news Chanels of U.S. forces using Cluster bombs on a occupied city, all hell would break lose. Does your average Russian not ever see this, or do they just not give a shit?

I cant say I totally support what we are doing in Syria (I think we are helping the wrong side), but aside from that, no matter what side we were supporting if I ever saw a F-16/F-15 dropping cluster munitions on a populated city i’d be the first one to scream for us to get the hell out of there.