This Video Shows That Dressing For Ebola Is A Major Pain In The Ass

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You have seen brave healthcare workers in 'moon suits' dealing with the very things that the vast majority of the population wants to run and hide from, well now you get to see just how complex it is to undress from such a volatile encounter.


Just like the military with their cumbersome and hot MOPP gear, our healthcare providers can find themselves on the front lines fighting similarly deadly biological agents. When undressing from an encounter with a known bio-hazard every move has to be thought through and every procedure adhered to in order to mitigate the risk of becoming a victim of the very enemy you are fighting. As you can see, it is laborious and detailed procedure that certainly has its pitfalls. If nothing else this video will make you all that much more thankful towards the people that actually volunteer for this type of work:


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so how does the doffing partner get undressed?