Top Gun made the F-14 Tomcat a true household name and a movie star. But a decade later, the movie Executive Decision also featured some glorious Tomcat scenes, and of VF-84—the “Jolly Rogers”—no less. Not only that, but we also all got see Steven Seagal die early on in the film.


Check out this HD footage from the movie:

Six years before Top Gun, The Final Countdown hit theaters and featured the Navy’s still very new F-14A Tomcats, also in Jolly Rogers colors. There are some gorgeous scenes featuring Tomcats in this sci-fi time-travel flick as well, many of which are more practical than those staged for other films.

Another great Tomcat homage was the documentary Speed and Angels, but sadly, the producers decided to use sepia and high-contrast processing filters over many of the scenes, giving them a dramatic but unrealistic look. Still, it is a fantastic documentary and captures the end of the Tomcat era.


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