Watch Top Photog Blair Bunting Experience The G-Forces Of An F-16

Blair Bunting’s influence on photography and advertising has been immense. His work, featuring subjects ranging from super-cars to star athletes, has redefined what “impact imagery” means. Blair has used his cred to have some awesome experiences while plying his creative trade, and recently his path intersected with the USAF Thunderbirds Flight Demonstration Team.


This is not the first time Blair has strapped a F-16 Viper onto his back in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, he flew with the 425 Fighter Squadron, the guys who train Singapore’s F-16 pilots in their advanced Block 52 F-16Cs, out of Luke AFB in Arizona.

Has Blair been bit by the Viper now that he has rode in the backseat twice with two of the world’s top F-16 squadrons? Will he be hanging up his Nikon and putting in a package for Officer Training School in an attempt to ride in the front seat one day? I doubt it as his day job is pretty damn cool to begin with, and let’s be honest, what would we do without all those icon defining pictures?

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