Ukrainian Tank Crew Showcases Their Rusty T-64 In This Awesome Video Set To The Stones

Battlefield Ukraine isn’t that high-tech, and frankly it is pretty amazing seeing the quality of equipment both sides bet their life on. Still, just because it isn’t pretty doesn’t mean it isn’t yours, and this tank crew proves exactly that with a video homage to their aging, rusting and creaking T-64BV main battle tank.

Ukraine has thousands of tanks, many of which are in storage, largely do to their history as a major industrial base as part of the Soviet Union. Today, the T-64 is the most dated variant in use, although upgrades have kept a portion of them relevant. T-72s and T-80s make up the higher-end half of their active force. At the top of Ukraine’s tank capability is the indigenously designed and manufactured T-84. The Ukrainian army only has a handful of them but after an order from Thailand is fulfilled Ukraine will likely begin procuring them for its own army in larger numbers.

At least a couple hundred Ukrainian T-64s were destroyed or captured during fighting against pro-Russian separatists in the country’s east over the last couple of years.

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