Virtually Fly With Switzerland's F-5 Demo Team Using 360 Video Tech

The heart-pounding aviation videos we have grown to love may soon be changing into a much more immersive and personal experience. In this video of the Patrouille Suisse going through formation maneuvers over the Swiss Alps, everything is visible, from the stick and throttle movements to the amazing scenery.


Make sure you watch this amazing video in a browser that plays YouTube 360 videos. Google Chrome works great. If you can’t look around in every direction it is not working correctly.

With this new “look anywhere” 360 video capture and YouTube player technology, everyone’s video watching experience is just a little different. It really does give you the feeling that you are sitting right in the cockpit.


This technology could also be used for debriefing pilots. They can go back and watch every switch flip and stick movement, reviewing the environment around them as if they jumped in a time machine.

Although we are not there quite yet, in the meantime just sit back and relax in the back seat of an F-5F as you loop your way through some of the most amazing terrain in the world.

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What a fascinating modern age we live in