Watch A MiG-21 Fighter Jet Come Down Over Libya In A Huge Fireball

A Libyan MiG-21 fighter jet flying in the skies over the city of Tobruk in Eastern Libya came down in a densely populated neighborhood earlier today, exploding with incredible force upon impact. The pilot and a small boy on the ground were killed, according to initial reports.

It's not immediately clear if anyone else was killed. The pilot was identified as Rafa Al-Farani, originally from Benghazi, according to the Libya Herald.

The plane actually crashed as it was performing during a memorial ceremony for another pilot killed just four days ago, the Libya Herald report said. A mechanical fault is suspected in the crash, though there is no confirmation as to what exactly brought the plane down.


We'll update if we get any more information.

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Holy shit, I had no idea the MiG-21 was still in service.

Here's the sketch artist's drawing of the plane they think shot it down.