Watch A Squad Of Humvees Get Dropped Out Of The Sky

With the vastness of which the United States military and its operations are spread out across the world, it helps to have giant aircraft like the C-17 Globemaster to move troops and equipment around.

It also helps that you can just throw the haul out of the back without ever bothering to land, like with these 8 Humvees in this video from the Aiirsource Military Facebook page:

According to the Facebook post, this airdrop was carried out over Fort Bragg, North Carolina by the 16th Airlift Squadron based out of Charleston, South Carolina.


It’s pretty cool to see hundreds of tons of military equipment get chucked into the sky like this. It’s just terrifying when the parachute doesn’t deploy and they come pummeling back into the Earth, which luckily wasn’t the case this time.

Via The WarZone

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Quick story, when I was stationed at Charleston back in the late 90's we were doing airdrops with Humvees. Well we had one get cocked in the Logistics rails. So the loadmaster closed the ramp and went to the back to cut the drogue chute line. Well being the chute was still in the air stream the Humvee released while the load master was making his way to the back. The Humvee ended up lodged up in the ramp and door. The aircraft had to land with the Humvee hanging out back of the Aircraft. I wish I had a picture of it, but cameras weren’t readily available as they are today.