During the recent air combat exercise known as "Eager Tiger," hosted by the Royal Jordanian Air Force, one of the contests was a race to see who could get strapped in their fighter jet and airborne the fastest.

Considering that getting up and on your way to your target fast has become not just an incredibly important demand of fighter crews tasked with air defense, but after years of being on call for emergency close air support (CAS) for troops in contact (TIC), every tactical asset has learned to be ready to go at a moments notice.


Therefore, being able to strap in, fire up, and be wheels up in mere minutes is a task worth competing over, and it looks like the multi-national band at Eager Tiger had a good time doing just that. As a side note, these air-to-air and air-to-ground fighter meets were once incredibly common all over the world and have become less so over the last decade, so it is great to see them flaring up once again.

Below is a video showing the weapons loading competition from Eager Tiger 2014 which was equally as intense.

A little more background on Eager Tiger and its Jordanian Hosts:

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