As you may have already heard, last week we flew on an MV-22 Osprey as part of New York’s Fleet Week festivities. What you may have glossed over is that we were heading to land, well, not on land at all per se, but on the deck of the USS San Antonio. And this is how gorgeous and New York Harbor is on a May afternoon.


The San Antonio, an amphibious landing ship, was off the coast of New Jersey when we landed. In this video you can see it steaming up past the New Jersey coast on the left, Brooklyn on the right, and Manhattan dead ahead. Towards the end of the video you can see the San Antonio gliding up the Hudson River, with Manhattan on the right, before slipping ever-so-deftly into Pier 92, where it’s been berthed for Fleet Week.

And don’t worry, a timelapse is the best way to see this thing. I don’t think we ever actually moved faster than six knots.


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