Watch Aircraft Paint The Night Sky In This Time Lapse Video From Red Flag

Red Flag is an exercise held in three to four cycles each year which aims to provide realistic combat simulations for American and allied air crews. Half of those simulations come at night, and when the combat jets soar through the air, the resulting timelapse video, like this one posted at The Aviationist, or this one from Foxtrot Alpha, are beautiful.

The video up top was shot by photographer Eric Bowen on Coyote Summit, just south of Rachel, Nevada, and features everything from F-15E Strike Eagle multi-role fighters to HH-60 Blackhawk helicopters used for combat search and rescue. When shot together over time streaking across the Nellis Range Complex that takes up a huge chunk of the desolate southern Nevada desert, they aircraft look damn pretty.


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What are the occasional bright flashes on Friday night? Afterburners?