Watch The Looming B-1 Bomber That Pounded ISIS In Syria

When one Twitter user wrote that they were cowering in a Syrian pepper field, waiting out the weapons of ISIS while an American B-1B Lancer lobbed crushing explosives at them from the sky, they weren't kidding. Here's video of that very B-1 doing its thing over the town of Kobane.

It loiters slowly over the battlefield, hunting for targets, circling and watching. This video also shows the impunity to which the US Air Force operates in Syria, and how laughable it is when criticism is lodged that the Syrians gave no permission for the Americans and their allies to begin their campaign.


That thing is lumbering around in broad daylight, with its strobe lights flashing away as a warning to local air traffic. You could not get any less afraid of an intercept threat than that. If that's not permission to conduct air operations, I don't know what is.

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Seeing one of those poised overhead, waiting to kill me if I so much as poke my head out a window, would make me rethink my religious position in a big goddamn hurry.