Watch These "All-Americans" Jump Out Of A Perfectly Good C-17

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The 82nd Airborne Division has "been there, done that" in virtually every American military conflict of the last century and they continue to be one of our most potent fighting forces.

The All-Americans, as they're nicknamed, aren't trained they are built down in Fort Bragg, NC, and some of the US Army's most decorated special forces operators, including Rangers, Delta Force and Intelligence Support Activity members originated from the 82nd Airborne.

Being able to "vertically envelop" the enemy remains as important of a capability today as it was the better part of a century ago. This tactic was last used to a large degree during our invasion of Northern Iraq. Seeing as Turkey denied us the rights to enter the region via their southern roads and airspace (although eventually they opened their airspace selectively), we had to come up with another plan, and that plan was to drop the 173rd Airborne Brigade and their gear via some 15 C-17s staged out of Aviono AB in Italy, right onto a rough airfield south of the Turkish Border. This was the largest airborne operation since WWII and it worked marvelously with the help of on-scene special forces that were part of Task Force Viking.


So sit back and enjoy watching a C-17 Globemaster III full of America's best going about their "bread and butter" trade- jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and taking out the trash for the USA.

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tyler you are clearly obsessed. This is a good thing. Your 'long form' articles are the best at really laying out the whole argument and situation behind things. Your article on Fortress Crimea is the best reference for the situation in Ukraine right now. I refere people to it all the time. Of course no one tales it seriously because its posted through Gawker media.

And then this... You just can't post a fucking awesome 'holy shit they just jump out of a perfect good airplane' video. You got to explain why... Hehehe I love it.

You are to military as Hardigee is to autonotive economics, Torch is to 'what the fuck' awesome obscure car-ness, and Doug is to making us jealous, and Orlove is to flipping Beatles.