Watch These Spanish Harriers Load Up The Deck Of The Juan Carlos I

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Both Spain and Italy operate the AV-8B Harrier on the Mediterranean. Spain has about a dozen upgraded EAV-8B Harriers IIs and a single TAV-8B Harrier trainer in operation today. These aircraft deploy aboard the Juan Carlos I (L61), a modern amphibious assault ship capable of carrying up to twenty Harriers at a time.

Spain’s Harriers were supposed to be replaced by the F-35B, but those plans were put on indefinite hold due to cost considerations as well as instability surrounding the F-35 program. Instead, Spain’s Harriers will have their service life extended to at least the middle of the coming decade.


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If someone were to design a dedicated VTOL jet similar to the Harrier but with modernized engine, avionics and more efficient ducting (and maybe a better optimized airframe if such a thing is possible). How would it compare to the F35 B?