Watch This Awesomely Bad Top Gun-Inspired Chinese Navy Music Video

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There is some absolutely stunning footage of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and her J-15 fighters in this Top Gun inspired music video (complete with half naked sweaty dudes) set to some guy singing a dramatic ballad. Apparently this thing was made by Chinese aircraft company AVIC SAC in recognition of the 65th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army Navy.

Military aviation music videos are nothing new, but they certainly are not all created equal in the age of GoPros and quick video editing software. We have been already blessed with one fantastic naval aviation video this week, now we get spoiled with a second? The god of salt water, tailhooks and kerosene must be shining down upon us!

So, without further adieu, crank the volume up, grab some tissue, and go full screen for this melodramatic but stunning showcase of China's growing ability to project power, and look cool while doing it, on the high seas:

Tip of the hat to alert5 for posting this!

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I'm no expert but it sure seems this Chinese music video is subtitled in.... Chinese. WTF.