Watch This Embraer Regional Jet Battle The Oklahoma Wind From A Spectacular POV

The helicopter crew of Oklahoma City’s KFOR news caught some awesome footage of an Embraer regional jet fighting the Oklahoma breeze during landing. The diminutive jet looks almost like a living creature as its crew makes the fine adjustments needed to bring the jet down onto the runway safely.

Here is a link to the video for some of our mobile users.

Similar aerial imagery was shot recently by an LA news chopper, although in that case the subjects were a bit more exotic but there was less wind.


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Zeek Is A Geek

Can we stop these crosswind posts? Because I am super paranoid about flying, have to do it a lot for work, and I live in Denver (you don't see videos of it here b cause there is no vantage to take photos from). I want to feel like my flight isn’t doing what my imagination thinks it is and these posts aren’t helping.

It's safe, right? That jostling and pitching and yaw that I feel on approach is normal, right? The pilots have it under control? I am not totally going to die? Those massive altitude changed I feel at 300 feet aren't going to slam me into the runway when they happen at 15 feet. Right?!?!?