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Our friends over at the TheAviationist posted this little gem showing the Turkish Air Force F-16 Demo Team's arrival to the Waddington International Air Show in the UK, and what a spectacular and thrilling arrival it was...

I have to say that I have seen F-16s make some pretty flat power-on approaches before, especially the USAF's F-16 Demo Team. T-38 Talons are also known for similar approach profiles, but the one depicted in the video above was pretty damn low considering that there is still another 500 feet until the end of the runway from the place where the video was shot.


In the end nobody was hurt and let's be honest, this is the kind of stuff that spotters and aviation photogs live for. In fact I am guilty of actually requesting such low approaches and departures on numerous occasions.

UPDATE 10:50AM PST: SaabLife posted another angle in the discussion:

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