Watch This GBU-12 Laser Guided Bomb Obliterate An ISIS Cannon

ISIS has gotten their hands on many types of artillery pieces as they have seized Syrian and Iraqi weapons caches. Denying them this standoff capability is a top priority for the growing anti-ISIS air power coalition. In this case, a GBU-12 Paveway II 500lb laser guided bomb absolutely obliterates what looks like a M1954 Field Gun of Russian design.


If the video is authentic, it is likely that ISIS fighters cleared away from the artillery piece once they heard fighter aircraft overhead. The GBU-12 usually packs a standard mk82 bomb as an explosive charge, although iron and concrete filled 'dummy rounds,' usually used in practice, can pummel a target when a GBU-12 laser guidance kit is attached. This 'concrete bomb' inert configuration can be used when attacking vehicles and material in dense urban environments, as the lack of an explosion greatly reduces the potential for non-combatant injuries and deaths.

Watch this inert GBU-12 take a huge bounce on impact:

During the opening stages of anti-ISIS operations, the US Navy in particular has relied on a mixed load of 500lb laser and GPS guided bombs, as well as AGM-65 laser guided Maverick missiles to plink ISIS positions, artillery and vehicles from on high.

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Who was filming? Because they certainly knew what the target was. Was ISIS informed of the target of our airstrike? Or was it not the least bit suspicious about some guy pointing a camera at a cannon a minute before it is bombed, and then walking away whistling? Something doesn't seem right here.