Watch This Paratrooper Become A Flailing Ragdoll Attached To A Plane

This Mexican paratrooper jumped into a mess of used static lines and is seen being towed by the jump aircraft mercilessly. There is little information about how this ended, hopefully the guy was pulled back in the cabin, or was cut free to depend on his reserve parachute, that is if he was conscious.

Although static-line parachuting does not have the drama of the free-falling and HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) jumps used by the American special forces community, it not without its own dangers. Still, the ability to rapidly envelop an enemy from the air remains a sought after and relevant capability some 70 years after it proved so indispensable over Europe during D-Day.


UPDATE: Great news! It looks like the fella that got hung up is very much alive and recovering in the hospital.


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Definitely unconscious. His body went from a stable posture to spinning at the end of the line, and by the way his arms aren't ragdolled out, I would also guess that they were pinned to his torso by the static line he's tangled in.

It's a nightmare, because if his main or reserve deploy at this point, he's not going to live through the experience. Best hope is that they managed to pull him back in.