Watch This Semi-Submerged CH-47 Gobble Up A Boat Full Of Special Forces

It's one of the most dynamic extraction and infiltration techniques in the Special Operations community. Known unofficially as the "Delta Queen" maneuver, a massive twin-rotor Chinook lowers its empennage into the water, drops the ramp, and a team of special forces in their rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) "beaches" directly into the Chinook's cabin.


It's a fast but dangerous way of plucking a boatload of operators out of a high-threat environment and America's military is not the only one that practices it. Seen below are a group of Spanish special forces executing a Delta Queen extraction, shot from an incredible helmet-cam point of view.

Here is a video of US Navy SEALs performing a Delta Queen extraction shot from inside an MH-47 Chinook and Her Majesty's Special Boat Service doing the same:

H/T to Funker530 for originally posting this video

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That is so cool.